The ironwork belongs to these arts and crafts which tickle everyone imagination. All the genius of ironsmith is to give lightness and delicacy to such a heavy and rough material as iron.
The highest level of technicity is the scroll : slight and subtile by the eyes, sturdy and firm through the touch. The art of ironsmith begins with a work of listening. The dialogue with the client will be completed by a work of imagination to make the project come true. Then we start a draft project and a scale drawing. So the craftman shapes the project considering the dimension and the selected finishes. The craftman finalizes its project by laying the masterpiece.
Ateliers Bataillard works as well in restoration as in modern projects with designers like JF Graf, P. Yovanovitch or Atelier K O and Tristan Auer.


Bataillard is a 100 years old company where each craftman works the iron with a kind of poetry and brings it expertise and its technical skills to customer.
Engineering offices, designers, and workers collaborate every day to conceptualize and carry out public and private building projects, both national and international. The company develops formations for young apprentices to ensure the sustainability of the gesture and the road to excellence.


Bataillard’s workshop has a hundred years’ experience to support the architect and interior designers on their the restoration of traditional ironwork.
The forge is the heart of the workshop. The fire takes from the metal all the contradictions which makes it interests : flexibility and stiffness. Thanks to the coal forge, the ironsmith shapes iron like his ancestor thousand years before.
Each conception requires particular attention and has to consider historic particularities and client desire: banister, gates and other metal structures for privates projects and other in the public sector.